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Origins of Bingo

The game of Bingo has been traced all the way to the Sixteenth Century, to an Italian Lottery game that is still popular today. Bingo was then imported to countries like Germany and France and marketed as a child’s game to aid in learning math. Bingo landed in America in the 1900’s and was first called “Beano”. Beano was popular at Country Fairs, where a caller would pick out numbered balls and players would mark their cards with beans, the winner yelling Beano.

In New York City a man named Edwin Lowe renamed the game Bingo after overhearing a player yell out “bingo” instead of “beano” by mistake. Lowe enlisted the aid of a Math professor to expand the number of combinations on the cards. By the 1930's the two had created over 6,000 bingo cards and became very popular across the United States. Bingo became an over-night sensation with Bingo Halls operating in just about every city in the USA and United Kingdom.

Bingo Videos
Below you'll find a selection of great videos about Bingo.

Bingo for Real
Actress wins £500 while taping Bingo ad
King of the Bingo Game
Trailer for the 2008 film
Bingo With Tom Green

Clip from the Tom Green Show

View additional Bingo Videos here

British Bingo Slang
Below is a selection of British Bingo Slang.

#1 Ball = Kelly's Eye
This phrase seems to date back to when a version of bingo was a popular British Army game - the only gambling game allowed by the army. No one knows Kelly was.

#17 Ball = Dancing Queen
From the song, Dancing Queen, by Swedish band ABBA "You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen."

#33 Ball = Sherwood Forest
Robin Hood's home. 33 all the threes or all the 'trees'.

#50 Ball = Bulls Eye
This bit of bingo slang derives from the game of darts. The "Bull's Eye" when hit is worth 50 points.

Bingo Cartoons
Below is a selection of funny Bingo cartoons. Click the cartoon to enlarge the image.

Bingo with Mildred
Bingo with Mildred - Bingo cartoons presented by Bingo-Bonanza
!#$% Bingo
!#$% Bingo - Bingo cartoons presented by Bingo-Bonanza
Civilized Bingo
Civilized Bingo - Bingo cartoons presented by Bingo-Bonanza
Stock Market Bingo
Stock Market Bingo - Bingo cartoons presented by Bingo-Bonanza

10 Commandments of Bingo

Thou shall not sit upon thy neighbors special lucky seat.
Thou shall not gaze upon thy neighbors card.
Thou shall not speak the Callers name in vain.
Thou shall not call false "Bingo".
Thou shall not wish bad luck on thy neighbor.
Thou shall not threaten to murder the "Caller".
Thou shall not steal thy husband's cash for Bingo.
Thou shall not brag about how much thou hast won.
Thou shall not whine about how much thou hast lost.
Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's winnings.
Bingo Terms

Basket Bingo
A game where basket prizes are awarded to players

Bonanza Bingo
A progressive coverall jackpot

An individual Bingo card

For a complete list of Bingo Terms click here

Recommended Bingo Sites

Recommended Casinos
Bingo Fest
Bingo Fest opened in 2003 and is powered by Proprietary software. Players from the United States and world-wide are welcome. Bingo, Scratch Cards and Slots are offered and no download is required.
Bingo Fest
Special daily, weekly and monthly promotions are offered with large prizes. Loyalty rewards include cash draws, special bonuses and exclusive promotions. For fun and friendly chat games visit Bingo Fest.

Cyber Bingo
Cyber Bingo is long established (1996) with a great industry reputation.
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the Gambling City Network. The casino is powered by Proprietary software.

Cyber Bingo
Players are accepted world-wide including the United States of America.
Special promotions and tournaments are offered on a regular basis.
Visit Cyber Bingo for unique games and excellent Exclusive Bonus offers.

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